Video Bakwaas

Some cool collection of videos shared by friends on Facebook+twitter.

1. Ghajini 2 – Parody song by Sikandar Sanam.
Apparently this Sikandar dude is the new spoof king of Paki land !!!

2. Fifa World cup 2010 theme song by k’Naan
Amazing song by k’Naan called Wavin’ flag. Many video versions are available.

3. LightHeaded – Award-winning short animation movie
This is an inspiration computer-generated animated short film. The story is thought-provoking. I am sure everyone who’s watched this piece will have a different interpretation. This short movie has won many awards.

4. Nothing else matters – Abhinav school choir
The Abhinav primary choir performing at the festival of school choirs Pune. This video made me wish I studied in this school. As a dear friend of mine rightly put it – The music-masterji of the school was the real “Master of Puppets”

Christian the Lion

“Christian was a lion originally purchased by Australians John Rendall and Anthony “Ace” Bourke from Harrods department store of London in 1969 and ultimately reintroduced to the African wild by conservationist George Adamson. One year after George Adamson released Christian to the wild, his former owners decided to go looking for him to see whether Christian would remember them. Surprisingly, he did, and with him were two lionesses who accepted the men as well.” via wikipedia


The Lion whisper

Some call him the lion whisperer and some call him the Lion king of South Africa. Kevin Richardson , zoologist and animal behaviorist raises the most dangerous and the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

How often do we see funny one-liners written at the back of a truck while travelling.
Here’s a small list of truck graffiti.


– देखो मगर प्यार से
– बुरी नज़र वाले तेरा मूंह काला
– १८ के फूल ८८ का माला, बुरी नज़र वाले तेरा मूह काला
– ना किसी की बुरी नज़र, ना किसी का मूह काला , सबका भला चाहता है ८१-२६ वाला
– कर्म तेरे अच्छे हैं तो किस्मत तेरी दासी है, नीयत तेरी साफ़ है तो घर में मथुरा काशी है
– बीवी रहे टिप-टॉप , दो के बाद फुल-स्टॉप
– ४० पे चलोगे तो बार-बार मिलेंगे, ८० पे चलोगे तो हरिद्वार मिलेंगे
– हट जा ताऊ पाछे ने
– Horn OK pliss
– कम पी रानी, इराक का पानी
– जगह मिलने पे ही पास दिया जाएगा
– बुरी नज़र वाले तेरे बच्चे जीए , बड़े हो कर तेरा खून पीये
– use dipper at night
– keep distance
– फिर मिलेंगे

अगर आपकी नज़र काली नहीं है तो कृपया इस लिस्ट में आप भी contribute करें

Project : Paan ki Dukaan.

Pre-requisite : – Upar gori ka makaan


Branding & marketing strategy – Social Media

  1. Create twitter account @Panwaari.
  2. Listen : Listen to what people are talking about on topics like Paan, Paan-Masala, Paan-dukaan, kattha-chuna etc.
  3. Conversation : be a part of that conversation. Interact.
  4. value-addition : Add value to your twitter account. E.g. Tweet about paan. Ask questions. Pull users into a conversation e.g. “How many people tweet while chabaaoing a Paan. Please RT”, “A research form Supaari Institute of technology says that people prefer Supaari in Paan only on weekends” etc..
  5. Follow : People who matter in twitter world.
  6. Pre-Launch : Plan a tweet-up to coincide with your Paan-ki-Dukaan Launch.
  7. Launch : tweet-up in front of your “Neeche paan ki Dukaan, Upar gori ka makaan”. Chief-invitee & brand ambassador : Upar waali gori.
  8. Announce your Facebook fan page as well as your blog.
  9. Create pan-virals (or “Panirals”) on Youtube & Facebook as well as your site.
  10. Create communities around Paan e.g “Do-you-spit-at-corner-walls community”
  11. Facebook applications to follow. Use these applications to collect user information and user-feedbacks for your R&D team.
  12. A Facebook  game like “Paan-ville”.
  13. Events – ” Who can spit the farthest”. Tie-up with Guiness Book . they actually have a record for this. Also partner with Channel V to start “SpitsVilla”. “Paan khayein saiyyan humaaro”,”Paan ke daag achche hain” are other options.
  14. Blogs & Videos : Entice users to blog about “Paan ke dukaan ki stories”,”Blog while you chew”,  “Funny Paan videos” etc.
  15. Social-cause – Start a CSR project like “Anti-tobbaco campaign – Saada paan, Ucch Vichaar”, “Paan-thuko re – Spit in dustbins”.
  16. Push your sales-support through twitter(@paan-ki-dukaan)/FB.
  17. Microsites/E-commerce – “Your customized Banarasi Paan – A click away”.
  18. Paan-wiki – Bring user engagement through a paan-wiki where users can write anything and everything about Paan.
  19. Pick your “Best social-media strategy” award.
  20. Take your “Upaar-waali-gori” to a vacation on Paan islands (your own island in Dubai)

Today I logged on twitter and saw that somebody had started a topic on Iconic Indian ads. Within a couple of hours it was part of trending topics of today. For people who are not on twitter let me tell you – A topic becoming a trending topic means that people are tweeting about the topic on an average 200 times per minute.

Anyway, reading through the topic  reminded me of all the tv ads that we have grown up. Here’s a very small set.

  • राजू तुम्हारे दाँत तो मोतियों जैसे चमक रहे हैं
  • ये बेचारा काम के बोज का मारा , इसे चाहिए hamdard का tonic Cinkara
  • पूरे घर के बदल डालूँगा
  • राहुल पानी चला जाएगा
  • वाह सुनील बाबु नया घर नयी बीवी नयी गाड़ी बढ़िया है
  • क्या आप close-up करते हैं
  • खूब जमेगा रंग जब मिल बैठेंगे तीन यार , आप हम और bagpiper
  • शादी और तुमसे … कभी नहीं .. पान का स्वाद गजब की मिठास
  • दुबारा मत पूछना
  • जब घर की रौनक बढानी हो , दीवारों को जब सजाना हो
  • ahahahaan lizzat पापड़
  • जो बीवी से करता हो प्यार वो Prestige से कैसे करे इनकार
  • बड़े पहियों की है बड़ी बात , इन् रास्तो पे बरसो का साथ … panther panther
  • zandu balm zandu balm पीड़ाहारी बाम सर्दी सरदर्द पीड़ा को पल में दूर करे
  • ओहो दीपिका जी आइये आइये

आपका ad कौन सा है ?


छोटी चाची : उठ जाओ कमीनो , सुबह हो गयी . घोड़े बेच कर सो रहे हो या अस्तबल ही बेचने की कसम खाई है !!!!!!




सफेदी रानी : नहीं उठना मैडम , कल रात के पार्टी के बाद , सुपर हैंगोवर हो गया है | गर्रर … | अरे कल्लू कहाँ है ?




कल्लू मियां : भाँड में जाओ सब के सब | मुझे मत रोको | मुझे सोने दो | मैं कसम खाता हूँ मैं कभी दारू नहीं पियूँगा |




उस्ताद काँव काँव : अरे हमारी छम्मक छल्लो कहाँ है ? कल तोह पागलों की तरह कमर हिला रही थी




छम्मक छल्लो : घर्र .. घर्र (खर्राटे लेते हुए सपने में “कटरीना सावधान !!! मैं आ रही हूँ मुंबई !!! फिर देखना मेरे हर ठुमके पे उ.प.-बिहार लूटेगा” ) .. घर्र घ्र्र्र




ग्यानी बाबा : हो हो हो हो … कितनी बार समझाया है दारू पीना छोड़ दो | पानी पियो और प्रभु का नाम लो ! बम भोले .. बम भोले



The color is Red

No, I am not talking about the book by Orhan Pamuk. I am talking about Facebook.

Date : 7th January, 2010.

Place : Facebook

Phenomenon : You see status messages like “White”, “Black”, “Beige”, “Electric Blue”, “Nothing!!!” …

Deeper Analysis : Its the female users who have colors as their status messages. Male users ,like me, are clueless. When asked, we are snubbed at.

Revelation : Someone in Detroit decided to spread breast cancer awareness.through social-networking. She sent a mail through Facebook to her female friends which went like “Just write the color of your bra in your status. Just the color, nothing else. And send this on to ONLY girls no men .. It will be neat to see if this will spread the wings of cancer awareness. It will be fun to see how long it takes before the men will wonder why all the girls have a color in their status. Ha ha!”

Effect : What started as a fun mail in Detroit spread like wildfire all through the globe as chain-mail on Facebook within hours.

Proof of effect : My page on Facebook was flooded with “colorful” status messages.

Views :

  • “I don’t want my wife/sister to be posting the color of her bra on a social network for everyone to see. Its against our culture”
  • “How does it help in spreading awareness about breast cancer. Pointless, voyeuristic!!!”
  • “The word bra reminds me of breast and not breast cancer”.
  • “It was about fun and nothing else”

My two cents :

It had the fun element embedded in it, and that’s why it spread all over the world within hours. Remember the “jaago re” ad about voting. It was a success because the ad was interesting. It caught your attention.

A female friend rightly put it “Guys might think bra=breast, but for a woman bra=breast=breast-cancer because this is something every woman fears and should be worried about “. There were people who wrote on their blogs that seeing the phenomenon forced them to have a self-examination or get an appointment for a scanning or a mammogram. If this is not  awareness then what is?.

Think of a situation when for the whole day you see ads about teeth and dental care on TV. If you have doubts about your dental health (even if you don’t) you just might be tempted to get a standard dental check-up. The whole advertising/marketing industry works on this phenomenon:

– Put an ad on internet/tv/newspaper/hoarding

– Expect x% of people to show interest in the product

– y % go ahead and buy the product and your ad campaign is a success.

Similarly in this case, even if 1% of women having fun on Facebook thought about going to the doctor or doing a self-examination, it was a successful awareness campaign.

As for people who were not comfortable seeing their wives/sisters/daughters putting up this status message , I have just one thing to say to them : “clean-up your mind, become educated and just GROW UP or you will become obsolete (like the floppy-disk) in this educated, progressive society”.

What are your views ??

P.S. : why am I writing on this topic??? Well, I strongly believe in the power of social-media , and this was a great example to bolster my belief.

Reader Alert :  If you are not on twitter, this post won’t make any sense, which doesn’t mean that you don’t read the post. Instead go join twitter

गब्बर : Hmm कितने RT थे

कालिया : सरदार दो RT थे

गब्बर : दो RT? Bots के बच्चों !!! वो दो और तुम तीन … फिर भी आ गए वापिस tweet करने? क्या समझ कर आये थे ? सरदार खुश होगा , तुम्हे follow करेगा? दिक्कार है . अरे हो @Saambha कितना इनाम रखा है सरकार ने?

साम्भा : आपको पकड़ने या मारने वाले को Gul Panag (@gulpanag),Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor), Chetan Bhagat(@chetan_bhagat) और Shah Rukh Khan(@iamsrk) follow करेंगे

गब्बर : सुना … और ये इसलिए  है क्यूंकि यहाँ से पचास कोस दूर जब एक बच्चा tweet नहीं करता है तो माँ बोलती है बेटा tweet कर दे नहीं तो गब्बर सिंह आ जाएगा …. और ये तीन @#$%^& गब्बर सिंह का नाम मिटटी में मिला दिए .. इसकी सज़ा मिलेगी …. बराबर मिलेगी (takes out the computer’s mouse) कितने button हैं ?

कालिया : सरदार तीन

गब्बर : @#$%^ अब्बे Apple Mac का mouse है .. इसमें एक button है 😡 . आदमी तीन और button एक ? बहुत ना इंसाफी है !!!!

कालिया : स..स..स..सरदार मैंने आपको follow किया है

गब्बर : तो अब Block भी हो जा……. TiHi TiHi TiHi 😆

Well, we were having a party at my place. And we were playing song-request game. The game was that everyone takes turn to play a song which he/she hasn’t heard in ages and is a favorite.
So my friend’s sister wanted to play a song that she couldn’t remember. All she remembered was that the song featured Smita Patil in a yellow frock along with Sanjeev Kumar and some other “side”-y hero. Everyone wracked their brains but nothing came up. Finally, yours truly picked up the laptop and this is what happened.

Aim of the Experiment : Find the song

Information given : Smita Patil – yellow frock – Sanjeev Kumar

Apparatus used : Internet

Experiment and Observations :

1. Ask google “smita patil yellow frock sanjeev kumar”
2. Ask google “Smita patil sanjeev kumar movies”
3. Go to IMDB – search for smita patil – go through her movies and see cast
– Too many movies – ABORT
4. Ask youtube “smita patil yellow frock”
– ABORT ( you don’t want to know the kind of results that came up)
5. Ask youtube “smita patil sanjeev kumar”
BINGO – “Baton mein na talo jee… dil de dalo jee”

Time taken : time taken to cook Maggie

Inference : And that’s why I want to make a career out of internet-media


P.S. – Do you have any songs in your mind that you want to search and you have insufficient information about ? Contact Social Bakwaas 2.0  🙂

Found this amazing web-comic via Fly You Fools.


indian comics, webcomic, free comics, online indian comics, jokes
Fly You Fools – Indian Comics about Life.


And if you thought this was just a web-comic, take a look at this site. 🙂

So, what will be the next trend ?

  • Tweetomony – Your 140 characters to Matrimony
  • Facebook Marry – A Facebook Connect to the world of Marriage
  • Wordwed – Blog while you Wed
  • MakeMyHoneymoon – Plan your honeymoon with us
  • Microsoft Widows – Your OS to re-marry
  • I-dulha & I-dulhan – Go to your wedding with these new Iphone apps

What’s your favorite Matrimony web-application ??