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Video Bakwaas

Some cool collection of videos shared by friends on Facebook+twitter.

1. Ghajini 2 – Parody song by Sikandar Sanam.
Apparently this Sikandar dude is the new spoof king of Paki land !!!

2. Fifa World cup 2010 theme song by k’Naan
Amazing song by k’Naan called Wavin’ flag. Many video versions are available.

3. LightHeaded – Award-winning short animation movie
This is an inspiration computer-generated animated short film. The story is thought-provoking. I am sure everyone who’s watched this piece will have a different interpretation. This short movie has won many awards.

4. Nothing else matters – Abhinav school choir
The Abhinav primary choir performing at the festival of school choirs Pune. This video made me wish I studied in this school. As a dear friend of mine rightly put it – The music-masterji of the school was the real “Master of Puppets”


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