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Paan ki Dukaan – social-media strategy

Project : Paan ki Dukaan.

Pre-requisite : – Upar gori ka makaan


Branding & marketing strategy – Social Media

  1. Create twitter account @Panwaari.
  2. Listen : Listen to what people are talking about on topics like Paan, Paan-Masala, Paan-dukaan, kattha-chuna etc.
  3. Conversation : be a part of that conversation. Interact.
  4. value-addition : Add value to your twitter account. E.g. Tweet about paan. Ask questions. Pull users into a conversation e.g. “How many people tweet while chabaaoing a Paan. Please RT”, “A research form Supaari Institute of technology says that people prefer Supaari in Paan only on weekends” etc..
  5. Follow : People who matter in twitter world.
  6. Pre-Launch : Plan a tweet-up to coincide with your Paan-ki-Dukaan Launch.
  7. Launch : tweet-up in front of your “Neeche paan ki Dukaan, Upar gori ka makaan”. Chief-invitee & brand ambassador : Upar waali gori.
  8. Announce your Facebook fan page as well as your blog.
  9. Create pan-virals (or “Panirals”) on Youtube & Facebook as well as your site.
  10. Create communities around Paan e.g “Do-you-spit-at-corner-walls community”
  11. Facebook applications to follow. Use these applications to collect user information and user-feedbacks for your R&D team.
  12. A Facebook  game like “Paan-ville”.
  13. Events – ” Who can spit the farthest”. Tie-up with Guiness Book . they actually have a record for this. Also partner with Channel V to start “SpitsVilla”. “Paan khayein saiyyan humaaro”,”Paan ke daag achche hain” are other options.
  14. Blogs & Videos : Entice users to blog about “Paan ke dukaan ki stories”,”Blog while you chew”,  “Funny Paan videos” etc.
  15. Social-cause – Start a CSR project like “Anti-tobbaco campaign – Saada paan, Ucch Vichaar”, “Paan-thuko re – Spit in dustbins”.
  16. Push your sales-support through twitter(@paan-ki-dukaan)/FB.
  17. Microsites/E-commerce – “Your customized Banarasi Paan – A click away”.
  18. Paan-wiki – Bring user engagement through a paan-wiki where users can write anything and everything about Paan.
  19. Pick your “Best social-media strategy” award.
  20. Take your “Upaar-waali-gori” to a vacation on Paan islands (your own island in Dubai)


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